2. Philosophy

Our values, thoughts and how we see the world.

2.1. Principles

  • Decentralization: despite the token is issued by a company the power must be always in the community: we include 'stoppers' to avoid centralized situations.

  • Transparency: our contracts, addresses and apps will be always public. And we'll provide APIs letting third parties to interact with our data.

  • Community: people have the power. The token will retain value if people use it. Neither the company (20%) or founders (3%) will retain most of the tokens: these will be distributed between clients, users and holders.

  • Ecosystem: the bigger the TUT token is around other tokens, the more valuable will be the TUT result in the long term. To take advantage of that we must be in a powerful developers community.

2.2. Mission & Vision

Mission: Build the crypto reference community with the attributes of collaboration, experimentation and decentralization

Vision: Create the most efficient ecosystem in the crypto world through quality training, building projects and investing in ideas that want to improve society.

2.3. Values

We can change the world. If we don't do it, others will do

We have the tools and knowledge to transform the EdTech industry. We don't wanna be the biggest player, we want to be remembered as the project who changed the industry forever.

The firsts who need to believe it are ourselves

Latin people under estimate ourselves. But we discovered America, conquered half of the world, wrote El Quijote, invented the paella, produce the best🍷 and much more. We can do it again.

We must help millions of people: it's our duty

"A big power implies a big responsibility". We re not here to make just money. We wake up everyday with the due to leave the world better than yesterday.

We are a company with startup culture

We are not a startup, we have very clear our business model and how to scale it. We have positive EBITDA and Cash Flow. But we have the mind and curiosity of a startup to keep building.

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