TUT token
Learn how and why the TUT token captures value

1. What is the TUT token?

The TUT is an utility token created in the Polygon network by Tutellus. The TUT is being used by users who want to interact with Tutellus' product & services, and soon by users who want to interact with any other Educational institution that wanna use our technology to empower their students.
So the TUT is a full protocol, not just a token, to be used outside Tutellus.

2. How can I interact with the TUT token?

You just need to use the token to buy (getting always 10% discount over fiat), access to different products (only accesible staking TUT tokens) or hiring other kind of services (only with tokens).
The token ecosystem is based on multiple smart contracts:
    TUT token contract: 0x12a34A6759c871C4C1E8A0A42CFc97e4D7Aaf68d
    Sushi Pool contract: 0x5d9ac8993b714df01d079d1b5b0b592e579ca099
    Clients Vault: 0xE5248F3d79626b934a5524e0a18FDf7a0D52CeF2
    Rewards Vault: 0xc7963fB87C365f67247F97D329D50B9eC5a374B8
    Holders Vault: 0xE0ff071E9c2f7cA021DbC7e4630A8E92a90C9242
    Staking contract: 0x28Caa843cB577d892A8B6eC3F24Aa682ED22Be68
    Farming contract: 0x57eB1b68F2ae0F77bf54F5EE6133bE80d6381d1B
    Team Vault: 0x79a3DBFE4592592473621f2EA88c23a30d87e0E7
    Treasury Vault: 0x2851E29189b115AAbab7678B34F13124EC242da8

3. Why the TUT token captures value?

It follows a deflationary model where the protocol combines the TUT burning with an initial (and inflationary) Rewards program; after it (36 months) the burning oversizes the issuing, attending this image (details in whitepaper-tokenomics);
While there will be more people who need the TUT token with different purposes (buying cheaper, getting advertised, farming or staking, financing a project...) than people interested in selling it, the token will continue capturing value.
Next Protocol phase will be to open it to a third parties (other Educational institutions), so we hope a high TUT tokens demand after it.

4. Do you want to tokenize your Educational institution?

If you are an EdTech platform, University or whatever, and you want to tokenize your business model, you can do it in two ways.
    Creating other token from scratch, with all the related smart contracts an applications. After you'll need to create the front-end of all dAPPs and to maintain the infrastructure forever.
    Acquiring just TUT tokens (with no investment) and let us to configure our contracts in your organization, for just peanuts.
We'll add this functionality soon. Please, complete this form for the WhiteList.
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