🤓TUT token

Learn how and why the TUT token captures value

1. What is the TUT token?

The TUT is an utility token created in the Polygon network by Tutellus. The TUT is being used by users who want to interact with Tutellus' products & services, and soon by users who want to interact with any other Educational institution that wanna use our technology to empower their students (Whitelabel).

So the TUT is a full protocol, not just a token, to be used inside and outside Tutellus.

2. How can I interact with the TUT token?

You just need to use the token to buy crypto courses (always getting 10% discount over fiat), access to different products (only accessible staking TUT tokens) or creating new tokens from the TUT liquidity (Whitelabel).

The token ecosystem is based on multiple smart contracts:

  • TUT token contract: 0x12a34A6759c871C4C1E8A0A42CFc97e4D7Aaf68d

  • Sushi Pool contract: 0x5d9ac8993b714df01d079d1b5b0b592e579ca099

  • Clients Vault: 0xE5248F3d79626b934a5524e0a18FDf7a0D52CeF2

  • Rewards Vault: 0xc7963fB87C365f67247F97D329D50B9eC5a374B8

  • Holders Vault: 0xE0ff071E9c2f7cA021DbC7e4630A8E92a90C9242

  • Staking contract: 0x28Caa843cB577d892A8B6eC3F24Aa682ED22Be68

  • Farming contract: 0x57eB1b68F2ae0F77bf54F5EE6133bE80d6381d1B

  • Team Vault: 0x79a3DBFE4592592473621f2EA88c23a30d87e0E7

  • Treasury Vault: 0x2851E29189b115AAbab7678B34F13124EC242da8

3. Why the TUT token captures value?

It's simple: there are a lot of mechanisms that incentivize users to acquire TUT to be able to access products & services, so there're always more purchase orders than selling orders in the market;

  • The only way to pay crypto courses is in TUT, no euros.

  • The only way to invest in IDOs from Launchpad is staking/farming TUT, so you need them.

  • The only way to create new tokens (Whitelabel) is buying TUT to the market.

Since the moment we launch the token (oct 14th, 2021) until now, BTC has decreased 64% and the TUT just only 17%; a 3.7x better behaviour than the main cryptoasset worldwide. Is the TUT better than BTC? obviously not, but it's proving it captures value.

The TUT is not just another cryptocurrency; it's a token supported by a real business, with a real subjacent and supported by a real industry, not only crypto/DeFi.

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