7. Teacher services

Promotional services based on TUT tokens that help teachers to earn more money.

Teachers and content providers are one of the Tutellus main assets. As we manage millions of users, teachers may be interested in promoting their own content to get more visibility and more sales.

Saying that the point is that Teachers will be able to hire promotional services with Tutellus, but these services will be hired only with TUT tokens, such as:

7.1. Promoted courses.

When you search for the content you may have associated promoted courses, for example:

Prices will depend on keywords traffic and competence to 'hire' them.

7.2. Promoted searches

If a teacher is interested in 'hiring' a keyword in the search engine will be able to do it, for example:

7.3. Distributional services

With almost 2 million users, some teachers can be interested in distribute their courses promoting some kind of newsletter. Again, this service will be available only through TUT tokens.

7.4. Special promotions

We manage special days (national holidays, Black Friday, Christmas, summer...) so we'll offer personalized services to promote a concrete course on these dates.

The most important point on these services is that we incentivize to create circular economies: content creators can earn TUTs and can use the same TUTs to spend on the platform. So the value remains in the token.

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