Welcome to the Tutellus public repo! Here you will find all the Buz & Tech public info we'll publish.

The TUT token is already running in the Polygon network. These are the official addresses:

  • TUT token contract: 0x12a34A6759c871C4C1E8A0A42CFc97e4D7Aaf68d

  • Sushi Pool contract: 0x5d9ac8993b714df01d079d1b5b0b592e579ca099

  • Clients Vault: 0xE5248F3d79626b934a5524e0a18FDf7a0D52CeF2

  • Rewards Vault: 0xc7963fB87C365f67247F97D329D50B9eC5a374B8

  • Holders Vault: 0xE0ff071E9c2f7cA021DbC7e4630A8E92a90C9242

  • Staking contract: 0x28Caa843cB577d892A8B6eC3F24Aa682ED22Be68

  • Farming contract: 0x57eB1b68F2ae0F77bf54F5EE6133bE80d6381d1B

  • Team Vault: 0x79a3DBFE4592592473621f2EA88c23a30d87e0E7

  • Treasury Vault: 0x2851E29189b115AAbab7678B34F13124EC242da8

We will never ask you to send crypto to an adress outside our website and app. DYOR.

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