👨‍🌾Farming pool

For the ones who believe in the project and want to boost it, getting in chance a high APR.

The farming pool is the liquidity pool (TUT-BTC) built in Sushiswap, as we describe in the chapter 8. This is the most innovative cross-chain AMM, with a lot of services, layers, inter-protocols and value added to all LPs and users.

If you are a LP token holder and contribute with liquidity you will get more BTC in your LP tokens if (as we expect) TUT grows in value faster than BTC.

1. How to stake LP tokens

  1. Get TUT in the dAPP.

  2. Add liquidity to the pool TUT-BTC pair and receive LP tokens in the Sushipool dAPP section.

  3. Stake your LP tokens in the "Yield service", in the dAPP.

  4. That's all! start to earn TUTs.

Cooldown periods are likely to be changed by governance.

Your APY will be dynamically calculated and dependent on the amount staked.

Farming contract: https://polygonscan.com/address/0x57eB1b68F2ae0F77bf54F5EE6133bE80d6381d1B

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