4. Protocol

A token based protocol based on EVM-compatible networks, with a first implementation in Polygon.

4.1. Protocol Overview

Our token protocol is deployed (at first) over the Polygon Network, an Ethereum sidechain. We'll detail in this section the workflow protocol.

4.1a. ALUMNI

Everything starts in the Education staff. People who wants to learn about crypto make a Bootcamp or study in our platform; in a phase 2 any student (of the 2 million we have) will be able to interact with the TUT. But in the phase 1 students get rewards in TUT, getting them from the Clients vault.

As the Alumni are also users / investors they can interact directly with the TUT in the Launchpad (will see later) or directly with the Whitelabel in third applications.


The TUT Whitelabel is the product that lets third parties to deploy their own token supported by the TUT liquidity, completely free, with no commercial or technical risk and pegged to TUT. So a student from another University, a user from other Platform or a Client from another Company can get their own tokens through a tokenized incentive system. We'll explain it later.


The second staff or business line is BUILDERS. After a student learns about crypto and when some (or outsiders) have brilliant ideas that need to be developed, we build the product and take revenues or tokens for it.

Of course, the Builders team is the one in charge of the TUT development and all products & tech around Tutellus.


The third staff or business line is VENTURES. We invest, through the Launchpad, in the projects we build. The investment process works through the Factions, and these are new staking&farming contracts where investors need to deposit their TUT / LP TUTs to get energy (eTUT) to be able to access to IDOs with better preferences. We charge also a fee for being listed and fundraised.

So the full ecosystem and the three business lines feed the TUT and force users to get TUT in order to access the different products and services (courses, Bootcamps, Launchpad and Whitelabel).

4.4. Liquidity Pool

The TUT liquidity is built with BTC through the Sushi protocol. So TUT price is influenced bu BTC price. As we are long term believers bitcoiners, we wanted to be exposed to this crypto asset.

Anyone can be a LP (liquidity provider) adding LP tokens to the pool directly from here.

4.5. Tutellus Oracle

Tutellus Oracle is the name of the system that will be interacting with our Smart Contracts. These applications are immutable and Tutellus will be providing important information to them, as teacher histories and user interactions in Tutellus.

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