Hola! we are real people working since 2012 on a product that has improved people's life. Our HQ are in Madrid but we are decentralized all over the world.

  • Miguel Caballero, CEO. Global strategy & Tokenization.

  • Javi Ortiz, CTO. He makes everything work.

  • Chema Prieto, CMO & Innovation Manager.

  • David García, Frontend Lead developer.

  • Víctor Merino, Crypto developer. Solidity smart contracts.

  • Guille Pérez, Crypto developer. Solidity Infrastructure.

  • Dani Muñoz, Frontend developer. Platform web services.

  • Jonni Agüero, Frontend developer. Platform web services.

  • Jordi Muñoz, UX & UI developer.

  • Aitor Freije, Designer.

  • Mario Azurza, Marketing & Admissions team.

  • Caro Chemino, Marketing & Admissions team.

  • Nico Oviedo, Marketing & Admissions team.

  • Carmen Fernández, Operations. Teachers relationships & Support.

  • Xavi Armengol, Head of Communities. Empowering users & alumni.

  • Marta Jiménez & Occam team. Inbound Marketing & lead acquisition.

Bootcamp Directors:

  • Roberto Díaz, Web3

  • Javi Celorrio, Tokenization

  • Quique Lahuerta, DeFi

  • And thousands of Tutellianos that are making this adventure with us :-)

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