8. Students Rewards

Earn tokens as you learn and invest in courses, subscriptions and bootcamps.

Rewards represent the biggest group of stakeholders. We want our community to use the platform recurrently as well as they may collaborate to earn rewards in multiple ways.

8.1. Clients

Clients get a payback every time they spend on Tutellus (even when they use TUT to pay). They are incentivized to use the TUT and the platform in a recurrent way. Also, as they receive TUT even if they did not buy TUT ever, they discover the token model is and how they can use it to get rewarded (in terms of money and knowledge).


8.2. Users

Users can be rewarded if they perform positive actions for the platform and the community. Users rewards are calculated over the token price and paid in TUT. Accordingly, we avoid an incorrect use of the platform and too low or too high rewards due to the low or high price. Limits will be set in order to prevent this incorrect behaviors too.

Rewards to users

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