2. Why IDOs are so interesting

An IDO (Initial Decentralized exchange Offering) is a tokenization in which the investor can buy the project token under special conditions (with large discounts) compared to the public price of the token in a liquidity pool. IDOs are an evolution of the famous ICOs, where we change the concept of public and phased sale to a private sale, and then provide the token with progressive liquidity through AMMs. Of the few IDOs launched to date in the Tutellian ecosystem (actually none through Launchpad, as we are creating it now) at the time of writing this post the 3 already liquid tokens had achieved these returns from their initial private sale to their ATH:

  • TUT: 700%

  • POEM: 1.150%

  • FITtoken: 3.700%

Other projects we have launched are still unissued or illiquid, so we cannot calculate the potential multiple they will achieve. But whatever, the important thing is that supporting projects in their infancy (and with a lot of risk) has its potential rewards.

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