4. A gamified and tiered investment

We have been talking about gamification for more than 10 years now, but.... Betting on a project should involve challenges, gaming and competition between investors, all for the benefit of the native token (in our case, the TUT). Therefore, the protocol rewards those who bet the most on the TUT in general and on each IDO in particular.

The protocol establishes 2 levels to be able to participate in an IDO:

  • Tutellian level: minimum staking of 1.000 TUTs. It gives you access to approx. 15% of the total investment (depending on each IDO) and by lottery.

  • SuperTutellian Level: minimum staking of 15.000 TUTs. It gives you access to 15%-25% approx. of the total investment but at least half of it is guaranteed; and a percentage of the most TOP portfolios (depending on each IDO) will be guaranteed 100%.

In a visual format,

Therefore, the protocol encourages high staking levels and being within the "top holders" range to get the highest possible investment. It should be noted that the protocol does not only take into account the TUT tokens to calculate our level, but also the LP tokens that we have farmed in the corresponding contract.

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