6. User services
The more tokens you stake as a student, the more access to functionalities you will get.
Anyone can get and use TUT tokens for different purposes;
  • If you learn in Tutellus (student) you can pay less in TUTs than in your local currency. Also you get paybacks (see Rewards) and can use the tokens even in other platforms.
  • Furthermore, staking TUTs gives you access to different loyality leves: the more tokens you stake, the more access to key information you'll get (airdrops, tokens, investemnts, and so on).

6.1. Loyalty levels

Benefits will follow a loyalty program according to the amount of TUTs staked in the contract.

Loyalty levels

Minimum tokens

6.3. Tutelliano level

A token holder that stakes more than 1,000 TUT will enjoy these benefits:
  • Access to merchandising
  • Access to Tutellus Alumni annual event

6.4. Super Tutelliano level

A token holder that stakes more than 15,000 TUT will enjoy these benefits:
  • All benefits of Tutelliano level
  • Access to "superTutelliano" channels in Discord
  • Access to exclusive content and courses
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6.1. Loyalty levels
Loyalty levels
6.3. Tutelliano level
6.4. Super Tutelliano level