The TUT token whitepaper describes the token model, the tokenomics proposal, and the tech and business model behind the TUT and Tutellus.
The TUT token is already running in the Polygon network. These are the official addresses:‌​
  • TUT token contract: 0x12a34A6759c871C4C1E8A0A42CFc97e4D7Aaf68d
  • Sushi Pool contract: 0x5d9ac8993b714df01d079d1b5b0b592e579ca099
  • Clients Vault: 0xE5248F3d79626b934a5524e0a18FDf7a0D52CeF2
  • Rewards Vault: 0xc7963fB87C365f67247F97D329D50B9eC5a374B8
  • Holders Vault: 0xE0ff071E9c2f7cA021DbC7e4630A8E92a90C9242
  • Staking contract: 0x28Caa843cB577d892A8B6eC3F24Aa682ED22Be68
  • Farming contract: 0x57eB1b68F2ae0F77bf54F5EE6133bE80d6381d1B
  • Team Vault: 0x79a3DBFE4592592473621f2EA88c23a30d87e0E7
  • Treasury Vault: 0x2851E29189b115AAbab7678B34F13124EC242da8
‌We will never ask you to send crypto to an adress outside our website and app. DYOR.
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