5. Three competing factions

All participants, regardless of their level, must choose the faction that best represents them. Factions compete with each other to take 15% extra investment in each operation. The rules of competition between factions will be part of the game.

  • Faction Nakamotos.

  • Faction Vuterins.

  • Faction Altcoiners.

Therefore, factions are intrinsic to the levels. Each faction is represented by a staking (TUT) and farming (TUT-WBTC) smart contract, and will have a certain liquidity. This liquidity generates for the holder a new token. the eTUT ("energy TUT") that measures his energy level. Their holders will be able to get "extra energy" with certain actions, increasing the probability that they will be the winners of each IDO:

  • Cumulative staking/farming time.

  • Proportion of farming vs staking.

  • Getting new holders by referral system.

  • Getting TUTs for training actions.

  • Sharing in networks (social sharing).

  • Get associated NFTs.

  • Etc.

The faction with the most extra energy at the close of the IDO will get an additional 15% of the requested investment for all its participants. In table form,

With this model the investor will be interested in increasing his/her chances of getting a larger package of tokens, going to higher staking levels and taking actions to get more energy. Higher staking levels logically benefit the TUT, increasing buying pressure.

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