3. What differentiates an IDO from other models

  • Compared to an ICO, the IDO seeks smaller amounts and has a very limited supply of tokens, so it is associated with a low number of investors.

  • The IDO must subsequently be accompanied by liquidity in a pool. The token may also end up in a CEX (centralized exchange), but it is born in an AMM.

  • The IDO issues a utility token. In our case, in addition, we stamp "a certain seal of quality" from the perspective that any project tokenized by the Tutellus Launchpad will be more than approved from a tokenomic, legal and technological perspective.

  • The IDO is not accompanied by Equity or Debt.

  • The IDO allows utility tokens to be purchased in a decentralized way: the holder interacts with contracts and neither Tutellus nor any entity can control what happens between the parties.

So, what do we propose for our Launchpad?

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